This Spring has seen a number of birds – possibly tempted by Gareth’s cuisine – flying hard into the windows / doors of the Great Room and falling stunned onto the verandah. Luckily, Sandy has sometimes been on hand to scoop them up and gently let them come to their senses before releasing them.

WESTERN SPINDALIS (Spindalis Zena) or Stripe-Headed Tanager



NORTHERN PARULA: one of a large number of yellowy warbler types around Delphi


The Parula ID was confirmed by Craig Nash (see side-bar BLOGROLL for his Delphi birding links) and he has supplied his own much better photo of one, photographed in one of the drives – see CONTRIBUTIONS / PHOTOGRAPHS


  1. Aw, so cute! Birds seem so easily confused by window panes. I remember a pigeon flying into my grandmother’s window when we stayed with her in South Africa. The bird almost fell off her balcony but I caught it in time and we sat with it while it recovered and flew away. The yellow warbler is very pretty.

    • You HAVE gone back in time. That was almost my first post, at a time when I thought one just put in small pics because it would be good to save space… Ha! I always think it’s amazing how docile a bird can be when being handled in these circs. Maybe simply stunned – or they realise it’s their best chance…


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