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Actually, there’s no “probably” about it! This brand new app CLICK242 NATURE is undoubtedly the ‘ne plus ultra’ and ‘canine’s orchids’ of the Bahamas natural history app world. It’s available now on iTunes for iPad, iPhone, iTouch and iWotsit  – and it’s totally free, gratis, and owt for nowt. Some of you may have wandered onto my APPS REVIEW page, perhaps in error, where I have look at various sorts of useful app pertaining to wildlife or the Bahamas (or preferably both). Some are excellent, some a bit ‘ho hum’, and there’s been one shocker where no star rating was possible…

UPDATE FEB 2013 This fab app has massively expanded since it launched, with further additions planned. It’s now extremely comprehensive, and there are some wonderful photo and video libraries. It’s still free. What are you waiting for?

Click242 Screenshot

And now this shiny app has arrived just in time for you to give to yourself for Christmas, and at no personal cost. You can even afford to give it to family and friends and bathe in the warm glow of their happy smiling faces…

This app does a great deal – indeed it is a one-stop portal for many of the Abaco, Eleuthera and wider Bahamas organisations, NGOs, science & environmental sites, wildlife blogs etc that many follow. And with a photo section! It is designed to make sharing easy in all familiar formats. The official description will give you a pretty good idea of what is covered, so I will  add it in full below.

I can’t help but notice in the image to the left the words “Rolling Har…” in the top menu. And yes, astonishingly this frankly somewhat haphazard blog finds itself in exalted company on the Planet of the Apps. It’s a bit uncomfortable with that, but delighted to have been allowed a small part to play in the venture.

My minor participation in the project (and natural diffidence) inhibits me from giving this excellent resource the 5* rating it so obviously deserves, so I’ll simply say that I think the many people interested in the natural history, the science and the environmental issues of the Bahamas will welcome this new app as a valuable, constantly updated resource.

Piping Plover Charadrius melodus 1


“The Click242 app is your daily dose of what is going on in the Bahamian environmental field. This FREE app is designed to increase public awareness about the Bahamian environment and the organizations which work to educate the public and manage the country’s natural resources, including protected areas.

It allows resource managers, users, scientists, students, teachers, visitors and interested persons to connect with various environmental groups and stay up to date with the latest blogs, activities, photos, videos and events within the environmental arena”.

Bird of Paradise Flower (Strelitzia) Abaco


Andros Conservancy and Trust (ANCAT)
Bahamas National Trust (BNT)
Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation (BREEF)
Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO)
Bahamas Sea Turtle Research (BSTR)
Bahamians Educated in Natural and Geographic Sciences (BEINGS)
Community Conch (CC)
Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS)
Gerace Research Centre (GRC)
Leon Levy Preserve (LLP)
Nature’s Hope for South Andros
One Eleuthera (1E)
Young Marine Explorers (YME)
and more…

Inagua Flamingos MM 14

CLICK242: NATURE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING FEATURES Science Blogs from the Abaco Scientist, ROLLING HARBOUR and the Cape Eleuthera Institute. Featured Content covers projects and new efforts in the environmental arena.

Land Crab BPS 5

HIGHLIGHTS Photos from across The Bahamas, posted by featured organizations; Current Facebook pages for various environmental organizations and groups; Easily navigate to and watch videos from featured groups and YouTube; Articles, news, blogs, photos and videos can be shared with your friends via facebook, twitter and email.


In these parts we are seriously tech-savvy. Occasionally I test and review relevant apps – see RH APP TEST BENCH. Thanks to a heads-up from Friends of the Environment  via The Abaco Scientist, here’s a new way to wean yourself off Angry Birds…

   FREE      RH provisional rating ****

I’ve just put this on my iTimewaster, and first impressions are that this is a seriously useful app from the Smithsonian, certainly from a layman’s point of view. Be warned that it is extremely comprehensive and therefore takes up 0.5 gb of space, so on an iPhone you may have to remove Angry Birds completely to make space, plus your most recent impulsive and misguided music downloads.

The first option is to browse fish by species or family. Either will take you to first-class photos (some drawings) that really look like what you see underwater (not every app is so good). You are offered a helpful ‘similar fish’ option; there’s a notebook to enter your data; a glossary;and the IUCN status for each fish. The descriptions are clear, as are the range maps for particular species.

There’s also a very good search feature for when someone tells you to look out for the ‘Lucifer’s Gonadfish’ at Fowl Cay and you have no idea what one looks like. (If they exist. Which they don’t). This is subdivided into name / location/ shape/ colour pattern and colours options to help pinpoint the fish. Later you can even recall ‘recently visited species’.

I have only had a quick flick around on my phone. I guess it will be more impressive still on an iPad. It’s hard to believe that this is free, when similar ID apps cost several dollars. I’ll play with it a bit more, and use it for a couple of IDs I am struggling with. NB There is a risk that I might find myself upgrading the rating to the rare and coveted Rolling Harbour 5*****



I have just come across the website DISCOVER LIFE which could be very helpful with identifying or finding information on particular species. It covers land and sea, animals, birds and plants worldwide, and it looks as though it is constantly updated and expanded. I haven’t done more than scratched the surface, but already I feel that it could be a very useful resource. See what you think… 


iphone, ipad (172mb)    £0.69 / $0.99 offer until 31 Jan, then reverts to $9.99          rollingharbour rating *****

This is app is so good, and such an utter bargain until 31 Jan 2012, that I have awarded it the rh logo position at the top of the page. Praise indeed. Audubon guides are legendary, of course. The excellent Audubon bird app has already been reviewed and also given a rare 5*- see BIRD APP on the BOOKS ETC drop-down menu. Now here are the Caribbean Fishes, in all their glory. First, a clip shot of the download page – click on it to enlarge and avoid eye-strain

This is a very well designed app, a comprehensive search and identification tool with a myriad of features. It’s fine for an iPhone, but I guess it would really come into its own on an iPad. Whatever that is. Here’s a brief overview of the contents

SEARCH OPTIONS  by shape (dividing size into 5 categories, from giant to tiny); family (alphabetical list of species); name (alphabetical list with useful thumbnails to assist – and cleverly, the ability to search by first name ‘Sergeant’ or last name ‘Major’), or advanced search (size / shape; habitat; regions; colour)

REFERENCE sections on biology; fish-watching tips; marine habitats; biogeography; conservation; fish taxonomy; dangerous fishes; large glossary

OTHER FEATURES include the facility for having a (free) account, enabling a ‘My Content’ facility; Journal; and GPS

Crits? Very few at first glance. The odd typo. My inital search for bonefish by size (over-optimistic, of course) led me to the larger ladyfish, but a search by name took me straight to it. The most significant confusions may arise from the present ‘single image’ ID format. For example, if you look for the uncomely  greeny-blue adult male stoplight parrotfish, you may be surprised to find the prettier black, white & red female pictured. Similarly, you won’t find juveniles, such as the small blue-with-yellow-spots yellowtail damselfish. But these are small points in an app with such a large scope. Anyway, who knows what upgrades will follow?

Overall for £0.69 / $0.99 a complete steal for New Year

ChronGlobal Tidal Chronoscope® APP                                 

App for iPhone, iPad and Android £1.49 / $1.99                     rh rating  ***  

[Jan 2012 Rating revised down a star after further playtime. I still like it. It looks good. But I am not convinced how useful it would actually be in real life. If anyone has got it, I'd be keen to hear your comments... NB It doesn't seem to have Marsh Harbour as a 'station' - but you can set it for Little Harbour, Elbow Cay, Green Turtle Cay, and Sandy Point (I think it's the right one)]

AHOY THERE! Time & Tide…wait… oh! someone else has used that one… Anyway, this looks good, and for less than a tube of Pringles™. Below is a précis of the blurb so you can check if its for you

 Click to make this legible

SUMMARY: “GPS Tide predictions as easily as Time instantly and at your very location.  USA & Worldwide tides, with sun and moon positions. 9400 worldwide locations using NOAA and UKHO data feeds” 

PRODUCT PUFF: “Designed to create an incredibly easy way to give you instant tide information at the touch of a screen, with lunar and solar positions. Using the GPS / location features of your device, the Tidal Chronoscope®  offers a virtual wristwatch that gives you the current state of the tides wherever you are, for over 9400 worldwide tide locations.  Automatically updates your location as you travel.  Compatible with iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android devices. And it’s no exaggeration (rh note – may we be the judge of this?) to say that it’s going to change the lives of anyone with an interest in water-oriented activity. Not just yachtsman, fishermen, boaters, sailors, kayakers or mariners, but divers, surfers and even shell collectors” (rh note – or for completely non-water-oriented people who simply love fiddling about with apps)

“#4 Ranking October2011, highest Consumer rating of all Tide Apps”


The Bahamas: Islands of Song                      Various Artists SFW40405

This is a CD of Bahamas traditional / folk music containing 23 tracks. It’s a pricey £13.50 on Amazon, but the good news is that it is available to download for only £6.99. You can sample each track to check out if it’s the sort of thing to put you in a mellow Abaco mood. It’s an eclectic mixture of musical styles, so it’s very much a question of “taste and try before you buy” (©Savoy Brown) Here is the record label’s blurb to give you an idea…

 “This compilation of music from the Bahamas includes goombay rake-and-scrape dance bands (goombay refers to both the skin drum and the ensemble as a whole), spirituals, and fingerpicking guitar music. All the performers on this recording participated in the 1994 Festival of American Folklife, an annual event presented on the Mall in Washington, D.C., by the Smithsonian Institute’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. 
INSTRUMENTS Accordion; Banjo; Drum; Goat Skin drum; Goombay rake and scrape band; Goombay; Guitar; Musical saw; Saw, Vocals
RECORD LABEL Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 1997
SOURCE ARCHIVE Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage”       To sample the 23 tracks  CLICK LOGO ===>>> 


Free                                                                                         rh rating – not yet road-tested

I have no idea how fascinating (or otherwise) these podcasts are, and I haven’t checked how annoying the presentation is (a problem with some podcasts). However they look as though they might be of interest to those who want to know more about coral reefs, their ecology, and the problems they face. The podcasts are based on lectures given in Marsh Harbour, so they relate specifically to research undertaken on Abaco. There are two sets of podcasts, both aimed at a High-school audience rather than professionals. The videos include footage of field research on Abaco reefs. The ‘cover fish’ is a Stoplight Parrotfish.

When (if) I get round to dipping in, I’ll add some comments. If anyone tries these, please leave a comment as to whether they are useful or not.                              CLICK IMAGES TO MAKE THEM LEGIBLE!


At the foot of the page is my pledge to review (i.e warn you off) the bad as well as commend the good. Well, here goes, at last, with both barrels…

Fidesreef Bahamas (latest version)

Either Free or 0.59p: whichever, I can’t be bothered to check          rh rating 1/2 *

This is a hopeless App. I downloaded the original version, which was near-useless. I thought the revised version might add all the missing parts, but no – they’ve changed the name and coloured it green. Cool

For: A very small amount of general information and a bit of history about the Bahamas, all available elsewhere and far better presented

Against: Basically covers only New Providence and Grand Bahama, with a nod to 2 or 3 out-islands, NOT including Abaco. No additional out-islands in the update. The barest of information. Annoying presentation. Seems dated. Feeble waste of an opportunity – indeed apportunity – to provide something useful

Only one person has gathered the strength to review the thing, saying “Very minimalist and basic”, awarding the coveted accolade of the wooden one-star

ADVICE: If it’s free, save your time & mb-space. If it’s .59p, save your money too! 


rollingharbour rating ****

This marine life ID resource is so useful that in addition to its appearance in the blogroll as a direct link, it merits a special mention here. The site is divided into 2 main parts: Caribbean, Florida and Bahamas; and Tropical Pacific. Selecting the first, you’ll find a comprehensive guide that is prolifically illustrated with bright colour photos, with many species having click-throughs to a wide variety of different views and growth stages of that particular species. 

But it doesn’t stop at reef fish, although that coverage is impressive enough – 12 separate categories of fish, divided into sub-categories, from the largest ray and shark to the smallest goby and blenny. Pretty much all marine reef life is here: crustaceans, worms, molluscs, cnidarians (jellyfish, anenomes), echinoderms (stars, sea urchins), sponges, corals, algae – and finally dolphins and turtles.

I’m fond of the Reef Fish App reviewed below – it’s easily portable on an iphone, for a start. However Florent’s Guide is the biz, and helps a great deal with ID , especially for anyone starting completely from scratch, as I have – not knowing a grunt from a wrasse.


Bahamas News Our Way

Free         iPhone, iPad                        rollingharbour rating *** 

This little app is quite fun, and useful within its limitations. It is the gateway to:

1. Four bahamian radio stations: various combinations of local music – invariably cheering – and more general rocky / poppy stuff. Rolling Stones (Sympathy with the Devil) followed by the Monkees (Last Train to Clarksville) this morning when I checked- now THAT’s a concert I’d have loved to be at, with the Stones as warm up to the Main Act… oh, time to wake up 

2. Weather: daily details with maps and 5-day forecasts for each island, from the Bahamas Meteorological Department.

3. News: click-through to 8 bahamian journals, including the Abaconian (though that link wasn’t working today).

4. Search: direct links to bahamas-based searches on the usual suspects – Youtube, Google, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook etc. You never know quite what you will come up with.

For the direct link to this app on iTunes to download CLICK LOGO 


I will gradually post details of some Apps that may be of interest, not all of them avian-related. Apologies that they are iPhone-centric,  I don’t do Android etc, but I expect you can get them that way too.

Audubon Birds Florida 

£2.99          iPhone and iPad       rollingharbour rating *****

400+ birds, 1200 photos, 1000 songs / bird calls. An excellent and good value App that covers much of the birdlife you will find on Abaco (and more widely than that). It’s a very good resource to supplement bird books, and it has the advantage of giving you some of the actual songs/ calls as opposed to those maddening book descriptions… “song is a prolonged phew phew twiddly-dee; call is a sharp staccato pip twit…” You can browse birds by Shape, Name or Family. There are silhouettes and very good photos, and you can store lists of your own sightings. You can even toggle straight to the camera on your iPhone to take a quick snap (though frankly Apple haven’t quite cracked the camera side of things yet). There’s a well thought-out reference section including birding and ID advice, notes on plumage etc, and lists of classifications, endangered species and so on. A truly amazing package for the price.

[Note: also worth considering is the full and majestic Audubon App 'Field Guide to Birds of North America' at £8.99... oh, and there's even rather a good App for the Birds of Central Park NYC, and it's FREE]


£1.79              iPhone and iPad        rollingharbour rating ***

A simple and cheerful little App that is primarily for identifying birdsong, or birds through songs. It covers the whole USA, but one can select a particular area. Choose Florida for example and you get about 130 birds and their songs, many of them also found on Abaco. This isn’t for sophisticated birders (who might not be entertained by the ‘Challenge’ game of matching song to bird), but it’s quite handy. I like it, anyway.

[Note: there is a free taster version that you can update to the full one if you like it. There are also other versions - a Chirp! Europe one for example]

 Reef Fish – Florida and Caribbean

£2.99               iPhone and iPad        rollingharbour rating *****

A truly excellent resource for identifying shallow water fish, such as you might find snorkelling off the club beach, or on a reef snorkelling trip (about which, a post is in contemplation). The full version features, amazingly, nearly 450 fish photos (with notes on each) divided into 63 families; quite a number of videos; a slideshow; and the ability to ‘favourite’ individual fish, perhaps for blogging about later. Another App that is outstanding value, although nb it will take up a bit of space (about 50 mbs) on your phone.

Again, there is a free ‘Lite’ version, with only 32 fish in 7 families, and 7 videos. So if you aren’t sure about getting the full App, it costs nothing to see how it looks.

[By the way, I'm not being paid for all this enthusiastic endorsement - and if I come across a relevant App that is a complete waste of space, you will hear about it too...]


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