This page is primarily intended for contributions from those with connections to the Delphi Club – Members and Guests, for example. Comments can easily be made directly. Relevant nature-centric news, discoveries, and photos are invited, and will be posted under the appropriate drop-down menu. If you’d like something posted on this page, email me at

(Sorry, you can’t just click through the link or the spammers have a field day. Allegedly. It’s a copy ‘n’paste job until I have worked out how to insert a ‘Contact’ widget properly…)

If you wish me to post a photo, please could you avoid sending a massively high res 5mb image, and resize it first. Something between 100kb and 250kb, max 1mb,  should be fine for blog purposes. I will work on a way to enable direct contributions, including photos, to be made (subject to moderation…)

NB The moderator (me) reserves the  right to disallow anything too learned, spoddy, earnest or otherwise not in tune with the general spirit of the blog


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