If you are wondering about the possibility of an expedition to see whales and dolphins, rh can supply the answer direct from Charlotte Dunn, President of the BMMRO. By arrangement it may be possible to accommodate one or two Delphi guests during a day’s research trip by boat.

Here are Charlotte’s comments on what is involved: “…long hot days with no shade, no toilet, no iced drinks etc… but a wonderful experience. If we are going in the field anyway, and we usually know the evening before, then it would not affect us to have one or two additional people on the boat, and the extra eyes are always a help!  We would of course ask for some contribution towards the cost of the day, ie fuel … so could you suggest this as a possibility on your blog?”  She is hoping that Sandy will go for a ‘guinea pig’ trip, so that he can describe the experience from first hand knowledge…

And if you do see dolphins or a whale during another trip – a ferry ride perhaps – Charlotte and the BMMRO would appreciate a ‘Sighting Report’ which can be made with this link:

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