Wood Duck (Keith Salvesen)5


I’ve been out shooting duck, camera-wise. Ducks are a bit of a mystery to me, and to be honest I often find it hard to tell one ruddy duck from another. I’ve found a memorable one now, though – the Wood Duck Aix sponsa. With all due respect to the Family Anatidae, these birds are just wooden toys brightly painted. I’ve watched them, and I’m still not convinced they don’t have tiny motors in them that propel them slowly in the water and make the wings twitch from time to time. 

Wood Duck (Keith Salvesen)2

Wood Ducks may be found on Abaco, which I why I mention them. I’m showing some here in case you should be lucky enough to meet one – then you’ll recognise it at once. They are infrequent winter residents on Abaco – not exactly rare, but not commonly seen and therefore irregularly reported. 

Wood Duck (Keith Salvesen)1

If you do happen upon one of these birds you’ll be fortunate, for they are undoubtedly very beautiful. It might be worth clapping your hands to test my theory that they won’t react at all. Their little motors will just keep them chugging through the water…Wood Duck (Keith Salvesen)4

All photos: RH. Idiotic duck-based theory: RH


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  7. I love wood ducks! When my daughter was little we lived near Kew Gardens and I used to go there every day to feed the ducks and the heron. There was a resident pair of wood ducks and they were my favourites – even more so than the equally improbable mandarins. 😀

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    • Gina, that’s like comparing 2 different artists! The PB (PABU) is a simple wonder of primary colours; the WD (WODU?) is far, far more complex colouring and patterning. I’d personally admire the duck, but take the bunting home with me (not to hang on the wall, obviously…) RH


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