Abaco Parrot pair, Abaco (©Melissa Maura)


(but it may cheer it up a bit. Not that that I’m suggesting it needs it, of course)

Hi. How are you? Thanks for visiting. Do stay a while and have a rummage around. The dropdown menus under this WELCOME heading will tell you what it’s all about and how to make contact etc. Elsewhere you will find a great deal of Abaco wildlife and natural history, and when you want a change head over to RANDOM for drinks, to sample some recipes, and maybe investigate maps, art, shipwrecks, shark attacks and hurricanes. 

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Rolling Harbour 2012

OCT 2019 I started this blog quite soon after the opening of the Delphi Club bonefishing lodge at Rolling Harbour, of which we were founder members. I started from scratch as a blogger and – let’s be honest here – in complete ignorance of what I was writing about. To begin with I winged it, until I became (a) more focussed and (b) more canny about research and the use of information gleaned (c) upgraded from a tiny snapshot camera to something slightly more sophisticated. Gradually the scope, range, and image quality increased until the enterprise became the sprawling monster you are looking at now. The advantage is that probably there will now be at least one section – hopefully more – that you want to take a look at. If so, it’s all been worth it.

Rolling Harbour, Abaco Bahamas (Keith Salvesen)

The Delphi Club – Somewhere in the middle of Nowhere

Your genial host, on yet another glorious Delphi day when he failed to catch anything…Keith Salvesen, Delphi Club, Abaco

Bonefishing skiff beached on a sand bar  at Cherokee Sound for a lunch break

HQ  as the artist might see it at dusk…

Mr and Mrs Harbour at the Delphi Club, in a rare mellow mood

Keith Salvesen / Rolling Harbour
Rolling Harbour aka Keith Salvesen

ROLLING HARBOUR: home of the Delphi Club fishing lodge, Abaco Bahamas; also your pseudonymous host and Delphi standard bearer in the UK

10 thoughts on “WELCOME

    • That’s a most kind comment! I’m so pleased. We obviously have a bit in common – fishing at Syon, for a start (though I haven’t been for a while). I wonder if Andy is still i/c there? And have you ever tied a bonefish fly? All the best, RH


      • Definitely! Andy is still there, and Julian… I will see at least one of them tomorrow. Regarding bonefish flies, please search “JLM Special” on my “metiefly”blog at itieflies(dot)com… I also tied a mean crab pattern for permit if you search for blog post “New horizons – my first crab pattern”… Enjoy! – metiefly


  1. Bask! Bask! This, surely, is an Apian Oscar. A Bombus Booker. So many rigorous criteria generously relaxed and deftly side-stepped… May I adopt your first phrase and return it, though I haven’t yet instituted an award to accompany it (“The Parrots”?)? I’ve hugely enjoyed the everyday challenges of your bees, with storylines every bit as compelling as “…just a bit higher, Nigel… the barn’s on fire… hide, Linda’s coming up the path…”
    I’m really chuffed, thanks so much. Now back to that basking… Best from RH



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