I first got to this via the excellent Southern Boating website https://southernboating.com/category/locales/bahamas. Here is the wrIte-up

Jacob Adams Rum, an outstanding 10-year-old West Indies barrel-aged, blended rum has arrived in Abaco. This liquor is hand-bottled by the very first Abaco rum company—the Hope Town Rum Company out of Elbow Cay and is now available throughout The Bahamas in fine rum shops and restaurants. Mark your cruising calendar for May 2015 and the Grand Opening of the boutique merchandise store Gillam Street Goods that will offer Jacob Adams rum cakes and custom-labeled bottles. The boutique shop will be housed in a restored, former-Loyalist home circa 1880s, which is surrounded by a white picket fence within the heart of this beautiful settlement village. Contact the proprietor, Robbie Bethel, at (242) 577-8533. jacobadamsrum.com

I couldn’t make the direct link work, but plainly there’s a work in progress at http://hopetownrum.com which simply says:

Reviving the Spirit of Hope Town

Rum Soon Come!


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