As Hurricane Dorian makes windfall on Abaco today – right now in fact – I have spotted in my stats that I have been getting a surge in hits on this page. I have let it get VERY out of date. Here is a temporary update…


RADIO GARDEN  (https://radio.garden) Explore live radio anywhere in the world from anywhere you happen to be with a simple, effortless, rotating ‘globe’

Right now there is in-depth live reporting about Dorian and Abaco on znsbahamas.com

Radio Garden Map Clip

Radio Garden will take you direct these Nassau based channels:




Hot 91.7 FM

Inspiration 107.9 FM

Island 102.9 FM

Love FM 97.5

More 94 FM 94.9

Word SBC 88.3 FM

NB Abaco’s ‘home’ station, previously featured on this page is no longer broadcasting

📻 .  📻 . 📻 .  📻 .  📻


APRIL 2015 UPDATE I suggested an alternative to the apparently defunct Radio Abaco FM below, and gave the link for the app download for ‘Bahamas News Our Way’ that includes 4 Bahamian radio stations. However Sandy Estabrook, the man behind the excellent ‘Abaco Escape’ website, has reminded me via the comment box below of his own unmissable Bahamian music playlist. Try it for size by hitting the logo… 


To which Sandy adds …and don’t forget about my Classic Caribbean & Classic Reggae / Ska players, below
Or more on the subject at my Bahamian Music webpage

JANUARY 2014 UPDATE Originally I invited people to “Get in the Abaco mood with Radio Abaco 93.5 FM – live streaming (subject to vagaries and unpredictability of reception and stream continuity…)”. As indicated below Radio Abaco FM seems to have died I’m afraid, probably in 2012. I’ve had a number of ‘hits’ for it recently, so I thought I’d better check up. Pity.

Embed not currently active

The mechanics are working on it 24/7 (should they be using electronic engineers, maybe?). In fact [later] I’m beginning to wonder if it is active as a widget at all. All attempts to connect come to nothing. I’m going to leave this little project for a couple of weeks… sorry, all

STOP PRESS: I’ve checked out the Radio Abaco Facebook page. [Last post Aug 4th 2011, previous one March 2011] Some activity in 2012. Not available for streaming. Anyone know what’s going on – I get a number of hits for this, so other people clearly want news. The Facebook link is RADIO ABACO 

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and rollingharbour is the sun… (R&J A2 S2) To avoid disappoinment, the post below has been transported from the ‘Apps and Media’ Page, and with any luck you’ll get a working link to the App for downloading to your phone to arrive eventually at a Bahamas radio station you feel comfortable with… 

Bahamas News Our Way

Free         iPhone, iPad                                                          rollingharbour rating *** 

This little app is quite fun, and useful within its limitations. It is the gateway to:

1. Four bahamian radio stations: various combinations of local music – invariably cheering – and more general rocky / poppy stuff. Rolling Stones (Sympathy with the Devil) followed by the Monkees (Last Train to Clarksville) this morning when I checked- now THAT’s a concert I’d have loved to be at, with the Stones as warm up to the Main Act… oh, time to wake up 

2. Weather: daily details with maps and 5-day forecasts for each island, from the Bahamas Meteorological Department.

3. News: click-through to 8 bahamian journals, including the Abaconian (though that link wasn’t working today).

4. Search: direct links to bahamas-based searches on the usual suspects – Youtube, Google, Wiki, Twitter, Facebook etc. You never know quite what you will come up with.

For the direct link to this app on iTunes to download CLICK LOGO 


    • Sandy, I can see a complete rewrite is in order! I’ll think about turning the page into a Bahamian music one, with links to you and indeed to other music sites and downgrading the wretched radio to a footnote. I’ll put it on the agenda!


    • Sandy, thanks for the link. I’ve now added it to the page post itself, with a direct link to the playlist. That ought to prevent too much disappointment from those who want a local radio station…! I do have the link elsewhere, but you are quite right, this is also a very good place for it!



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