As Reality Show contestants say, it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions. An incredible journey. Living the dream. Nine months ago I knew little about blogs; less about computer techniques and problem-solving; and nothing whatsoever about hutias, murex shells, tecoma stans, or hurricane technicalities. Thanks for the many contributions, advice, helpful criticism**, encouragement and general enthusiasm for the project. Thanks to Peter Mantle for permitting & promoting this rather ill-disciplined sibling of Delphi. And thanks to everyone who has contributed to an accumulation of nearly 25,000 site hits – or perhaps to the one strange person somewhere out there with repetitive strain injury from 24,588 repeat visits. **Mrs rh scores highly here for her kind but firm restraints: “No! You can’t put that!”


Special thanks to Sandy Estabrook of the estimable ABACO ESCAPE  and PETER GEHRIG  (for the snow) for permission to use the above festive link


  1. Hello,
    I came across this blog when searching ‘beach combing’ online, as I am a board member of NASGA, (the North American Sea Glass Association), and when I saw the word ‘Abaco’ I had to click on, since I just booked a trip there, to comb!
    I will coming to Abaco Jan 5 – Jan 10, and will fly into Marsh Harbor. I have never been before, yet I try to visit different locations to comb, and Abaco /the Out Islands were high on my list!

    Anyhow, if anyone can offer me any tips at all about combing in Abaco and the other out Islands. I would be ever so grateful! I am coming from Maryland, and I read that renting a boat is one’s best bet for combing all of the cays, etc. (I am actually staying in Abaco). – is traveling by boat the only means of getting to some of the cays / beaches?

    I have enjoyed reading through the blog, and especially the request for someone to identify the infamous shell – although looks like you didn’t need any help at all!!!
    Again, I’d appreciate ANY advice that readers could offer to someone who has not yet had the chance to visit the Bahama Out Islands! (To be honest, my Father’s 70th birthday was a few years back, and he took the whole family to the Atlantis. I was grateful for the trip, but to be honest, I really wanted to book and beach comb elsewhere in the Bahamas, as I learned fast that there isn’t much luck combing near the touristy part of the Bahamas – at least not where I was)!
    Thanks SO much…my email is:
    ( if you have the time to write back. I know many are busy over the holidays…) Oh, and…


    • Hi Ellie. Thanks so much for getting in touch. ‘Tis the season to be merry here in the UK, family arriving, granddaughter (5) enjoying free-style gold spray paint after decorating Xmas tree, & my wife has impulsively invited 3 neighbours, all their children and Xmas guests for drinks… in 3 hours time. I’ll be in touch in a few days, remembering your trip is imminent. Let me know where you are staying on Abaco – that will help with suggestions. Marsh Harbour? Treasure Cay? All the best till then, rh
      [Jan 5: Ellie – hope you have a great visit to Abaco, and that our subsequent email exchanges about it will be helpful…]



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