We were due to come out to Abaco next weekend, Feb 11, until I stupidly fell and broke a wrist, cracked ribs etc. Sadly we’ve had to cancel. For now I can’t fish, can’t swim / reef snorkel, can’t take photos. I’m a bit… moody about it.

Quite right. You’re not even faintly interested in ‘poor me’ business. However, imminent plans for these pages have had to be postponed to May. Finding more and different birds, ditto flowers and trees; a beachcombing trip; a trip with Kay at Abaco Above & Below to reef snorkel at Fowl Cay (with improved camera technique this time);  a cays trip; a blue-hole expedition; and – oh goodness, is that the time? We need to pack and fly home, and I haven’t even been out for some bones yet… 

In the meantime, there will plenty of contributions, including from Kasia and other Delphi denizens. Anyone else is welcome to join in with Abaco-related material via the Comment boxes or via email at CONTACT

And the Weather? Well this was what happened overnight, on the edge of central London… not exactly extreme in the Abaconian sense of the word, I know, but enough to throw the nation’s entire transport system out of kilter for a week


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