This might be entertaining. Possibly. I’ve stumbled into a way to make and embed a customisable Abaco map. The bright idea is to record sightings of hummingbirds on the main island and the Cays – both Cuban Emeralds and especiallyBahama Woodstars. See SIDEBAR, right-hand side, down at the bottom for the map, which is enlargeable and moveable.

Data entry I am the only person who can do this, because I had to make the map using my own G**gle account. So if you’ve got sightings  to add, that would be excellent. The most helpful thing would be to add a comment to this page or else to email me at and I’ll do the pin-sticking. 

A useful format would be ‘BW (or CE) – Location (as precisely as possible, for sticking in the pin) – Date (MM/YY) – Initials – Comment (if any)’ 


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