Hermit Crab ©Melinda Riger @ Grand Bahama Scuba


I’m feeling distinctly crabby right now. In a skilled move that would impress the Bahamas utility providers, the UK’s very own much-vaunted BT selected us for the privilege of being unplugged from the grid last week. From the time of reporting the problem, it has taken them 6 days to plug us back in. It’s a little reminder of the far more persistent Abaco experience! No landline, no wifi, no email for almost a week. To begin with, it was a light relief. After nearly a week, not funny anymore. Here are some nice crabs in conchs to celebrate getting back online while reflecting my crabby mood.Hermit Crab ©Melinda Riger @ G B Scuba Hermit Crab ©Melinda Riger @ GB Scuba copy Hermit Crab ©Melinda Riger @ GB ScubaFind out more about Hermit Crabs – in particular crab racing at Delphi and the intricate rules – here: WACKY RACES AT DELPHIHemit Crab, Delphi (Clare Latimer)

Hermit Crab in a conch ©Melinda Riger @ GB Scuba

Photo credits: all undersea shots – Melinda; potential crab race contestant – Clare


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    • How understanding. I do realise of course that Abaco suffers from persistent and inexplicable outages every time the wind changes; but it was interesting to lose all comms for 6 days close to the centre of London, of all places. Luckily the crabby pics made me feel better! RH


    • Mmmmm. It is a bit disorienting. A taste of what might happen if other more vital resources went on the blink for several days. Just think how much we rely on electricity. Or water. Argh – time for some strong coffee. RH


    • It might have been worse – we were actually staying away for a family event for 4 days where there was no wifi anyway, so the deprivation only hit when we got back to find the landline still down! Anyway, those nice crabs got the rage out of my system! RH

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