The images below show the three species of angelfish commonly found among the coral reefs of the Bahamas. These were photographed by diver Melinda Riger in the waters round Grand Bahama. The Queen, French and Gray Angels are shown in both adult and juvenile forms.

Queen Angelfish
Queen Angelfish (juv.)
French Angelfish
French Angelfish (juv.)
Gray Angelfish
Gray Angelfish (juv. to adult phase)

All photos: Melinda Riger / Grand Bahama Scuba


  1. I gasped when my eyes took in the first Angelfish here, RH. My second thought was, it must be Melinda Riger. Extraordinary creatures swimming wild in this world, and absolutely incredible photos. Interesting how different the adults are from the juveniles, espec. in the Queen and French species. Tropical fish are as difficult to ID as birds with their numerous morphs. But how lucky for me that I have you and Melinda to present it all to me. Truly a terrific way to start the year, RH, thanks so much. And happy new year to you!

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