“OMG! I’m *sob* overwhelmed!! I like to thank everyone who’s ever looked at this blog *weep*”

Rolling Harbour goes to Hollywood

Rolling Harbour has been lucky enough to pick up a few nominations / blogger awards from generous, perceptive or possibly deluded fellow blogmeisters. I notice that people tend to display such trophies, and why not? So here they are, with gratitude admixed with a large dose of humility and suchlike. I’d like thank Torty, my first pet, who taught me all I needed to know about life and death – specifically, by being eaten (? by a rat) while hibernating one winter… I am very poor at studying and complying with the rules of the various awards, but the donors are acknowledged in various way, including direct links to their sites or specifically relevant posts, or at least gratitude expressed in their comment boxes. I thank you all.

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cracking A merry late Christmas present for Jan 2014!

versatile-blogger11 Thanks to Petrel41 aka ‘Dear Kitty’ at Now that really is a versatile blog, covering a massive range of topics.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpegThanks to for this. See her blog for excellent herons and wise words.

 No 2. Mmmmmm. Yet more cookies.

LIEBSTER 2013 (To be honest, not sure if this was tongue in cheek. Let’s say… not) liebster01

Nb others got more – or even all – 6 stars. This is in the mere foothills of Award Mountain Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

My favourite award (considered citation below)

 No 2


 No 1. Mmmmm. Cookies.

 N0 1



The Bumblebee Award for Rolling Harbour Abaco


The Bumblebee Award is awarded to blogs that meet the five criteria of everybody’s favourite insect – the bumblebee. This award is presented to Rolling Harbour Abaco, or RH, the blog of the main Delphi website.

The Bumblebee Award comes with only one obligation – to enjoy glow basking!

1. A pleasure to read! Bumblebees are a pleasure to watch and this blog is a pleasure to read. Browsing the beautiful pictures of birds and wildlife under the blue skies and along the rolling shores of Abaco, Bahamas, will make you wish that you were there. Enjoy these wonderful Abaco parrots! ABACO PARROTS – CONSERVATION & ANTI-PREDATION PROGRAMS BREED SUCCESS… 2. Full of fascinating facts! Bumblebees are fascinating creatures and this blog is fascinating too. Wow! Who knew lizards could be curly and cute (CURLY TAIL LIZARDS: ABACO’S CHARMING REPTILES) or that lionfish are wanted dead or alive! (LIONFISH: FACTS, VENOM & CRISIS CONTROL IN THE BAHAMAS – & A COUNTER-VIEW). 3. Informative and inspiring! The flight of the bumblebee is scientifically impossible and yet these inspiring insects do fly! This blog is inspirational. There is a lot to learn on Rolling Harbour Abaco. Explore and discover amazing exotic wildlife on RH’s extensive blog pages. Try these BUTTERFLIES! 4. Creative and well-written! Well, bumblebees are very messy but so are creative people! This is a well-written blog that presents information about wildlife and conservation in an interesting and engaging way. NO SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN? GO BIRDWATCHING INSTEAD… 5. Friendly and fun! Bumblebees are sociable insects and this blog has a close friendship with the reader. RH’s adventures with Abaco’s wild and wonderful creatures are fun to follow. I hope you enjoy this Bear Grylls style action! LAND CRABS ON ABACO – HOW TO STALK AND WRESTLE THEM…

Keith Salvesen / Rolling Harbour

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