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Jane Mantle has emailed me about the plight of dogs and puppies on Abaco, her involvement in their rescue, and the urgent need for funding for care and medicine:
“Since living here for the past couple of months I have  been helping to rescue the rescue dogs.  Abaco Animal Rescue recently rescued 9 pups (see attached picture of Delphi) from the roadside” 
Found with 8 other puppies by the roadside next to the body of their mother
“They were sitting next to the body of their decomposing mother with traffic and people passing by. Unfortunately even when rescued some of the pups have died due to lack of medication for them. There is a shelter of sorts built on the old municipal dump outside Marsh Harbour. It is OK but alive with rats that are as big as the pups! Abaco Animal Rescue consists of one english lady who basically funds everything herself”
Found chained in a box, exposed to the hot sun without any water, and beaten daily to make him become an aggressive fighting dog
“Is there anything that can be put up on your site? (RH: yes indeed!) The enclosed is a flyer that I have put up in the Great Room next to an empty glass collection jar. There is no money at all for food or basic medication, I have asked both Millie and Lucy to do some fund raising at school etc but that won’t happen until next term. I will also see if I can get hold of medication from vet friends that I have but would be grateful for any publicity that you can give it” 
Certainly. By all means. Here goes:

CLICK mini-Harvey ===>>>  

STOP PRESS An up-to-date (as at spring 2014) list of contacts and links can now be found at “A DOG’S LIFE”. Scroll to the end of the post. If you have time, maybe read a bit on the way…
HARVEY found abandoned by the side of the road

APPEAL  by Jane Mantle, Boris & Delphi          

POTTY ABOUT POTCAKES? Please support Abaco Animal Rescue by donating your unwanted Bahamian currency – notes or coins. All contributions go directly to buy food and veterinary supplies for the many abandoned and mistreated potcake dogs of Abaco



  1. Hello,
    I am a tourist visiting from Canada, and am distraught over the stray dogs in the Marsh Harbour and surrounding area. I have purchased and distributed dog food to strays that I have noticed, but have noticed one in particular that is limping/injured and very emaciated that I would like to do something about. Not sure how I can assist with this situation but I could foster until Nov. 20th or contribute money to food/vetting/transportation to a rescue shelter. I am open to options.
    Thank you, Adrienne


    • Hi Adrienne, I’m afraid I’ve only just seen this – I’ve been away for a couple of days. I’m sorry you’ve been so upset by the stray dogs you have seen. There are indeed a lot of potcake strays around both in MH and in smaller settlements. It’s an inevitable part of life in this sort of place. However please be reassured that there are very positive steps being taken to meet the problem. There are a regular spaying and neutering clinics. There is a very successful adoption scheme. There are several organisations concerned in active programs to help the dogs. You’ll find a full list with links in my post No one person putting food out for the dogs will make a difference, but I am sure that a donation towards the costs of looking after these dogs and in particular vetting and rehoming them would be hugely appreciated. I hope that helps. RH


  2. Hi Kathleen, thanks for getting in touch so quickly… I have passed your contact details on to Jane Mantle, and no doubt she will be in touch – I’m sure she will be really pleased with your kind offer of help. All the best rh


  3. Good Morning,
    My name is Kathleen Pinder. I am the Director of the Treasure Cay Humane Society. I found your posting accidently, but, as they say this was not an accident, but divine intervention. We at the TCHS have been rescueing Potcakes for many years. If we can be of assistance to you please contact us. We have some resources, abiet limited, but we do the best we can for these unfortunate abandoned and stray creatues of Abaco. Please write back and we can see what the needs are on your end of the Issland, and we can discuss what if anything we can do to assist.



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