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Who indeed does photograph the people who take the photographs? Here is a small gallery of photographers on Abaco caught in the act of shooting wildlife, so to speak. And if anyone has ever seen – or been – a photographer photographing photographers photographing other photographers, trust me, that is one stage beyond weird.

RH on a nature trek with Ricky JohnsonWildlife Photography on Abaco 1

Mrs RH goes right off-piste & ends up on the golf course at TC  [good birding there in fact]Wildlife Photography on Abaco 3

RH (who uses a stick – or ‘cane’, if that isn’t too ’50 shades’) takes a collapsible wading stick on these occasions. Since he, too, is collapsible it is sometimes helpful to have a seat while photographing. Not elegant, though, and not especially comfortable. Cheers, Clare, for capturing the indignity…Wildlife Photography on Abaco 8

Mrs RH zooms in on a possibly rare bird… as it turned out, a female grassquit!Wildlife Photography on Abaco 4

RH sort of looks the part but the backpack is crammed full of food & drink, not equipment, and he is looking for shade for a picnic at CasuarinaWildlife Photography on Abaco 6

PM challenges RH to a ‘camera-off’ duel at Nancy’s, Sandy Point, and proves that his is the biggest…Wildlife Photography on Abaco 7

Ace birder and photographer from Ohio, Tom, arrives at Delphi and puts PM’s puny equipment to shame – and with Camo for extra cool. Even the tripod legs.Wildlife Photography on Abaco 11

Sandy Walker, General Manager of Delphi and man of many parts, turns out to own a snappy NikonWildlife Photography on Abaco 12

PM & RH engaged in a ridiculous challenge to photograph various items on the beach. Both lost, even though they had devised the rules…Wildlife Photography on Abaco 10

The professionals Tom and Woody (‘Birdman of Abaco’) Bracey get serious with Bahama Mockingbirds in the pine forest. The red bandana is to attract the endemic Bahama Woodstar hummingbirds.Wildlife Photography on Abaco 13

However at Sandy Point they seem to have forgotten their cameras…Wildlife Photography on Abaco 14

Tom returning to the truck after filming an evening festival of dozens of nighthawks on the wingWildlife Photography on Abaco 15

Out in the field… or scrubland – with 2 camerasWildlife Photography on Abaco 21

PM takes aim…Wildlife Photography on Abaco 20

RH subdues an unruly Yellow Elder (Bahamas national flower) for a close-upWildlife Photography on Abaco 18

*This titular nod to the phrase ‘quis custodiet ipsos custodes’ (‘who is guarding the guardians’) is open to objection on the ground of illogicality. It’s a Latin tag with a greek-derived verb and noun forms jocularly inserted. A ‘photograph’ is, literally, ‘light writing’ in Greek. So ‘quis lux-scribit ipsos lucis-scriptores’ is the best solution I can offer… Let’s have that Elder flower to end on a light note Yellow Elder Hope Town, Abaco 2


Photographees: Peter Mantle, Sandy Walker, Tom Sheley, Woody Bracey, Mrs RH, RH

Photographers: Clare Latimer, Brigitte Bowyer, Mrs RH, RH

Photographers of photographers photographing photographers: none that we were aware of


  1. RH your lovely wife is managing to look very dignified with her cane, whereas the position of yours… well… I just hope that was comfortable for you! :-O
    I’m laughing at the size of the lenses here when I think of my tiny little Lumix. I have severe lens envy!!


    • Well, Mrs RH’s cane has a large (borrowed) camera attached. Mine is unencumbered… and is perched on with practised caution. Lenses: mine’s just a basic ‘bridge’ Panasonic with a simple lens extension on an adaptor (it’s not a fancy zoom). And I too use a tiny Lumix. I think the secret is their Leica lenses – hence good macros. Lens envy bad. It’s what you do with what you have, as one might say…


  2. Dear RH,
    a great idea topresent the photographers. I always like to take a pictureof Dina when she is photagraphing too. Quite often one catches photographers in the most funny positions.
    I just came back from a trip in my boat to the Blakeney Point. High waves, sunshine,many North Atlantic and Common seals and lots of terns.
    Greetings from sunny Norfolk


    • Just a bit of fun! I realised that several expeditions this year had thrown up some quite amusing pics in addition to those of the non-human targets… You are lucky to have wonderful wildlife on your doorstep. Our seal trip at Blakeney a couple of year’s ago was a highlight.


      • Yesterday I have been at seals again, actually there are too many, more than 2000 now, as the warden complained. The trip has been very wet, like under a shower, because we had quite high waves but it was fun as it was sunny and warm.
        Greetings from Norfolk
        take care
        Klausbernd 🙂



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