Tri-colored Heron with fish (Phil Lanoue)


There’s something enjoyable about watching a wild creature having a good meal, even if the meal consists of an item that, all things considered, you personally would prefer not to eat. While I am temporarily parted from my computer for a few days, I am able to publish blog posts from my phone. I could write one too, but that’s a bothersome and fiddly process, best avoided. So I thought you might enjoy a gallery of gorgeous birds doing what they like to do best – eat fish. Many thanks as ever to Phil Lanoue and Danny Sauvageau for use permission for their truly exceptional photos.

Great Blue Heron & Fish (Phil Lanoue)Cormorant with fish (Phil Lanoue)Anhingha with fish (Phil Lanoue)White Egret with fish (Phil Lanoue)Green Heron with fish (Phil Lanoue)Osprey with fish (Phil Lanoue)Tern with fishReddish Egret (white morph) with fish (Phil Lanoue)green-heron-gilpin-point-abaco-keith-salvesenOsprey, Florida (Danny Sauvageau)

Birds featured are tri-colored heron in breeding plumage, great blue heron, cormorant, anhinga, white egret, green heron, osprey, tern and reddish egret (white morph).

All photos by Phil Lanoue except penultimate (Keith Salvesen) and last (Danny Sauvageau)


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  10. Stupendous! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome photos, RH. It is great fun to watch a wader hunt and snap up their prey–photographing them at it is not as easy as it looks here. Really appreciated.


    • Thanks Jet. This was a great post to get ready before we went away, so I could just press the publish button on my phone. I have some of my own pics of fish being eaten by herons / egrets, but none as clear as these great shots! RH

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  11. This is a fabulous gallery, RH. I know the excellent work of Phil Lanoue and you’re not a bad photographer yourself! 🙂 Thanks for introducing Danny Sauvageau, this is altogether mots impressive and a big joy to watch. 👍
    Best regards, Dina & co



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