Black Skimmers and chicks - Danny Sauvageau


Last year I posted about an avian scoop, when black skimmers (Rynchops niger) were actually photographed on Abaco. These wonderful birds are classified WR 4 for Abaco, which means uncommon winter residents (ie roughly September until April). Now I look into it further on the indispensable eBird, there are actually quite a few reported sightings most years on Abaco – especially on the Cays. Furthermore the sightings cover most months except midsummer. So maybe they aren’t so rare after all. But I couldn’t track down any workable Abaco skimmer photographs until Charmaine Albury managed to take a few last Autumn, which led to the gift post title SCOOP. Because that is just how they feed. 

Black Skimmer feeding - Danny Sauvageau

Danny Sauvageau is a dedicated birder in Florida, and a brilliant photographer with it. From time to time I feature his work when his camera skills cover a species found on Abaco but for which Abaco images are scarce (or non-existent). All these photographs were recently taken in Pinellas County, Fl., and I’m really grateful to Danny for permission for occasional use of his exceptional photos. 

Black Skimmers - Danny Sauvageau

At the moment, the breeding season is well under way, with the hungry chicks being fed as fast as they can swallow. And this is how that looks, thanks to Danny and his immense talent. 

Black Skimmers and chicks - Danny SauvageauBlack Skimmers and chicks - Danny SauvageauBlack Skimmers and chicks - Danny SauvageauBlack Skimmers and chicks - Danny SauvageauBlack Skimmers and chicks - Danny SauvageauBlack Skimmers and chicks - Danny SauvageauBlack Skimmers and chicks - Danny Sauvageau

All photos by © Danny Sauvageau, with thanks

And finally… I’d be really pleased to hear about any Abaco skimmer sightings (and I’ll keep an eye on eBird). Bonus points and a theoretical Kalik for photographs!

Black Skimmers skimming - Danny Sauvageau


  1. Wow, RH, your friend Danny Sauvageau did an astounding job with this skimmer series. woo-hoo, we don’t see anything like this very often. Skimmers are always and forever a delightful bird to watch as they skim and scoop. Add to that the clarity he has here. And big bonus, chicks feeding. I love that one when the chick is just standing there with the heavy morsel, not knowing what to do. And the skimmer bow at the end gave me a smile. Truly outstanding.


    • He surely did, Jet. As you say, I just can’t imagine how he managed to capture such wonderfully crisp action shots, given how the birds operate. And he is, I think, a really patient photographer, and able to wait for just the right moment… So great to get the feeding chick shots – I knew at once that they needed a wider audience. You are an appreciative & perceptive person, Jet!

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  2. Bravo! Cracking good photos of this beautiful bird and the small ones. Well done, Danny! Outstanding work.
    Warm greetings from sunny Norway,



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